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Skyla Jones

Haines City High School


Polk State College

2022 AAO Scholarship Winner

My name is Skyla Jones and I am a senior at Haines City High School. During high school I played volleyball and weightlifting. I played both for 4 years and I am very thankful to experience playing a high school sport. I plan to attend Polk State College in the fall semester of 2022 to major in nursing. I have been a dual enrollment student with Polk State for two years and have completed many classes. My overall goal for my career and education is to obtain my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree and become a nurse practitioner. I plan to complete my Associate of Science degree in nursing in under three years as I still have some prerequisite courses to take before applying to the program. After graduating with my associate degree, I would like to become a travel nurse. I chose this career for the reasons of helping other people and getting to explore the country. I also know that some states have a nursing shortage so I will also be helping my future coworkers get a break.

I have not lived with my parents for the past six years. Both of my parents struggle with substance abuse. I lived with my dad for many years but then he asked me to leave his house when I was only 13. My grandparents happily took me in, and I have lived with them ever since. My grandfather passed away in 2019 due to colon cancer. It is just my grandmother and I now in our household, and it has been a financial struggle trying to support me. We cannot afford for me to attend college without scholarships. Any scholarship amount will help me tremendously to achieve my education and career goals.



6750 Crescent Woods Circle

Lakeland FL 33813

CELL:  863.557.6143