Chase Brown

2013 AAO Scholarship Winner

Winter Haven High School


University of South Florida


Helping Student-Athletes Win at life, ...Against All Odds!


The Robin Nable Wagman Against All Odds Scholarship Foundation, Inc.


How do high school students who have faced the unthinkable in their young lives find the motivation to take their next step?

Without positive adult role models… many simply will not!

With the numerous social and cultural challenges facing our students today, it is all too easy for them to be knocked off course, “slip through the cracks,” and fail at life before they even get started. Some kids are lucky because they are athletes who have the benefit of support from their teammates and most importantly – their coach. Coaches may be the only positive adult relationship in a student’s life, serving as a mentor, advisor, confidant, and advocate.

Robin Nable Wagman “Against All Odds Scholarship” recipients are student-athletes who have maintained their high academic and athletic performance despite facing a significant personal challenge such as debilitating illness or disease, physical disability, tragic accident or loss, extreme poverty, domestic violence, or parental abandonment.

Despite extraordinary circumstances, these individuals refused to be beaten and have endured, thrived, and inspired their peers, teachers, counselors, and coaches. They have demonstrated a strong spirit, enduring determination, courage, and the will to continue taking that next step, and the one after that, and the one after that, in order to live their lives to the fullest – just as Coach Wagman did.


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